Step #1: Choose a Design





A great choice for a large logo format on the front and back of the ball

Choose stripe colors to complement your logo

The side faces are excellent for secondary logos, tournament names or accolades



Your logo on 12 pentagons of your color choice

Highlight the panel seams with a complementary color

Add a secondary logo or message on the front and back of the ball



Add a little spice to the Traditional Pattern

The circular design highlights your team colors around your logo




Six stylized feathers emanate from your logo at the top of the ball

Choose up to three colors in the feather pattern to complement your logo

This pattern creates three areas to place your message across a double hexagon with a secondary logo below



Six diamond designs add bold color and logo areas for your ball

Add your team name or message inside the diamond

Add a secondary logo or sponsor in the swirling hexagonal panels



A bold style designed to feature your logo on the front and back of the ball 

Promote a sponsor or add a tagline in the diamond

Available in 32 and 18 panel styles



Stripes in your colors swirl around 8 hexagon panels - a perfect place to highlight your logo

A secondary logo or team name can be inserted within the stripes on the front and back of the ball

Available in bold and in fine stripe patterns



A stripe pattern for 18 panel balls

Highlights your team logo in a large and bold fashion on the front and back of the ball

Additional logos can be added on the sides, top, and bottom providing an option of 2, 4, or 6 logo locations



Place your team name or event on the front and back of the ball

Add your logo or sponsor in the surrounding hexagons




A fun design ideal for youth teams or special events

Promote your brand or team to spectators and players alike




Our new Splatter design is ideal for youth teams, camps, and promotions

Have some fun and make your event one to remember!

Request A Custom Design

Let us know what you are looking for. We will be in contact with you shortly to run through the design process!