Step #3: Pricing

Performance LevelRecommended Choice for100+ Balls200+ Balls500+ Balls1000+ Balls
CompetitionFor highly-skilled players at the college, high school or premier travel level$34.99$29.99$25.99$24.99
TravelTravel Teams, Leagues & Tournaments$22.95$21.95$20.95$19.95
ClubClubs and Rec Leagues$16.95$15.50$14.50$13.95
Juggler (Size 2)Footskill Drills and Trophies$7.45$6.95$6.45$5.95
Mini BallsFundraisers and Participation Awards$6.45$5.95$5.45$4.95

  • 6-8 week on demand orders available for an additional $3 per ball
  • 4-5 week on demand orders available for an additional $6 per ball
  • One-year guarantee on all soccer balls
  • Order multiple performance levels and/or sizes to reach higher quantity discounts - excluding juggler & mini
  • When ordering multiple performance levels, each level can have its own unique design
  • Each ball can be customized with individual player numbers

Request A Custom Design

Let us know what you are looking for; we will be in contact with you shortly to run through the design process!